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James Williams

CEO, Mayweather Gyms

Don has been incredibly valuable in facilitating and leading the process to kick start our new AR/VR business. We brought his consulting firm on as the acting Executive Director, and from a standing start he was able to find us a highly credible team of VR developers within a 3 month time period. His skills for finding the right person for the job and then managing multiple parties towards a collective goal helped across a range of initiatives. This included getting the ball rolling on projects that were outside his call of duty; including sourcing partnerships. I appreciate Don. His network within AR/VR, Venture Capital, and Startups are an asset for any business.

Anand Daas

Director, Facebook

Don and I got to work together at Meta and it was an incredible experience. I would vouch for Don in a couple of ways that make him uniquely amazing amongst other folks in the market. He is a natural change agent who's able to identify what's broken. If you needed someone to look at what's going on and ask the questions that bust your assumptions and seek the cause of why things were done and how to make them faster, smarter, cheaper.. Don's your guy. As a former founder he's got it in his DNA to be ruthlessly focused on ROI. In climates where capital is hard to come by, during downturns, or working at a startup, I think Don's your guy.

Jack Soslow

Investor, Andreessen Horowitz

Don is an expert in all things AR/VR and is incredibly well connected in the industry!

Esteban Castano

Founder, TRM Labs ($100M+ raised)

The fact that you were supportive, and listening, and saying 'yeah go for it!' makes a world of difference.

Larry Braitman

Angel, Braitman.Co

We worked together making early stage investments. Don's an amazing partner, he's really smart, he's a quick learner.

 Justin Feldman

Consultant, Bain & Co.

Don's business intuition is unmatched. He has a willingness and dedication to take the time to listen.

Yehial Atias

Founder, Hexa 3D (raised $20M+)

Don helped introduce me to Silicon Valley investors, which led to us raising $20M.

David Sarno

CEO, Lighthaus Inc

I worked with Don on developing an important aspect of our company's work and relationship with Meta. I can't imagine having achieved the great outcomes we did without him. We didn't know each other at all at the beginning of the process, but he immediately became an active advocate and supporter, and worked hard and fast on his end to make things happen, communicating, advising and helping the entire way. I especially appreciate his concise way of communicating -- just what's important. It makes it easy to work with him. We're really glad to have him in our corner. Also he's got solid emoji game.

Zac Reid

Founder, PianoVision AR

I had the opportunity to work with Don Stein while building my company and starting a relationship with Meta. Don was not only knowledgeable and experienced in the industry, but he was also a great collaborator and an active advocate. His communication was always concise, and he worked diligently to help me achieve my goals. Don was particularly helpful in advising me on issues related to traction and retention, and his insights were instrumental in improving my app. I would highly recommend Don to anyone looking for expert guidance and support in building their company, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him.


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