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I prefer to work with:

  • AR/VR/Spatial companies who have raised $500,000 to $10,000,000

  • Doing either $5K+ MRR per month, or have TTM Sales of $100,000+ per month

  • Raising between $100,000 and $10,000,000 of new capital

  • We work with companies in Silicon Valley, New York City, South America, UK & Europe, and occasionally we work with companies from South Asia.¬†

Introductions to lead VCs

Raise up to $10M 

Warm investor introductions

‚ÄúLocked doors aren‚Äôt there to keep you out.¬†They‚Äôre there to see how badly you want to get in.‚ÄĚ



I know how badly you want this. I've been there.

I'll make 100 investor introductions for you.

  • I'll work with you weekly to¬†build¬†a pipeline of investors
  • I'll introduce you to those investors so you can pitch
  • Save time¬†by tapping into my¬†database of investors¬†

My Fundraise Pillars

Accelerator Details


The Step-By-Step Formula For Building A Successful Online Business

Pillar 01

Warm Investor Intro's

Pillar 02

Introduction Reviews

Pillar 03

Introduction Backchanneling

Pillar 04

100 Total Introduction's

"Don introduced me to Rec Room at the seed stage. I always check the deals he sends."
Greg Castle

Founder @ Anorak Ventures (Oculus Angel Investor) 

Watch our full interview to hear the story

"Within one week of finishing Matt's cohort, I signed three new clients."
Alice Moon

Cannabis Media Maven

‚ÄúDon was my original introduction to Silicon Valley. He was our first believer.‚ÄĚ

Esteban Castano 
Founder @ TRM Labs ($100M+ raised)

Watch our full interview to hear the story

‚ÄúDon was our first investor and helped us a ton along the way.‚ÄĚ
Michael Rucker

Founder @ Omnivirt ($4M raised, Sold to Meta) 

Watch our full interview to hear the story


How do you know if this is for you?

How do I know if this is for me?

This is for you if...
  • You want to save time when networking with investors (I'll do that for you)
  • You¬†want to meet 100 investors in < 6 months
  • You run a busy startup and are trying to minimize wasted time¬†spent fundraising
  • You¬†have¬†raised $500K to $10M in financing so far
  • You¬†are generating revenue; $5K+ MRR, or, $1M+ TTM.
  • You want to meet your LEAD investor¬†

What to Expect
Investor Introductions

I'll share my investor database with you, and make intro's on your behalf

Private Calendly

You can book time on my Calendly whenever you want.

Pitch Practice

I'm sure you already have an amazing one, so I'll just review it if you want

Investor Pipeline

I'll help manage the 100 investors so it's easy on you

Investor Database

I have a database with 2K AR/VR investors you'll get access to

Text me

I'll give you my number so we can text about your fundraise on the go

Newsletter Coverage

If you want, I'll cover your story in my newsletter to 10K readers

Investor Review

We'll review the best conversations, so I can intro you to more

Example Stories

Introduced Nick to Anorak Ventures and Betaworks at the Seed stage.

 Rec Room

Raised $50M+

Introduced Esteban to Larry Braitman as first angel check.

Esteban Castano

Founder, TRM Labs

Raised $100M+

Introduced Allison to Jacob at Shasta Ventures who led their Seed, and A round.

Allison Ferenci

Founder, Camera IQ

Raised $10M+

I was one of Michael and Brad's first investors of $50K, we then helped them meet the right VCs.

Michael Rucker

Founder, Omnivirt

Raised $3M+ 

We put together an AngelList syndicate to raise $80K for Sophia at an extremely early stage of the company

Sophia Dominguez

Founder, SVRF

Raised $2M+

Introduced Matt to  Niko at General Catalyst who led their Seed and A round


Matt Miesnieks

Founder, 6D.ai

Raised $5M+

I was awake at 1 AM GMT in London on Zoom pitching VC’s in San Francisco at 5 PM PST, for months I barely slept. I’ve been through all the hustle, I know the formula.


I’ve raised $10M for my own startups from venture funds like Spark Catpial (Oculus Series A lead), General Catalyst ($4B+), and Future Positive (Founder of Twitter).

What you and I are about to go through together is something I’ve been through many times before. Through hundreds of hours of refinement I’ve built an insane network of investors.

My playbook has worked across crowdfunding platforms (I raised $600K on Republic), AngelList SPV’s (I raised $1.5M on AngelList), TechCrunch Disrupt (I was invited to pitch in Berlin), VC Funds (I raised $5M Seed round for my last business), and even my own Venture Fund ($3M raised from Limited Partners). I’ve sourced startups like Rec Room and TRM Labs, and made 16 investments of my own when I ran a Scout Fund for General Catalyst.

I’ve also given out grants to AR VR startups from Meta. Oh! I also wired Palmer Luckey back $1M in 2017 (great story).

I’ve seen fundraising from every possible angle, and I’m confident we can close a round for you.

100 Investor Intro's


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You get:

  • 100 investor intro's
  • My private calendly
  • Pitch support
  • Investor database
  • My phone number
  • Investor pipeline¬†
  • Investor emails
  • My mindshare
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